Season and Hemisphere Spinner

Season and Hemisphere SpinnerEarth is divided into two halves by an invisible line which goes all the way around the middle of the Earth and is called the Equator.

Countries above the Equator are in the ‘Northern Hemisphere’. Countries below the Equator are in the ‘Southern Hemisphere’.

Countries in the Northern Hemisphere are never in the same season as countries in the Southern Hemisphere. In fact we are completely opposite.

To demonstrate how our season’s are different, make this Season and Hemisphere Spinner. Learn more about why our seasons are opposite and why seasons occur by reading our Fun Facts.

Season and Hemisphere Spinner

You will need :

How to make it…
  1. Look at a globe or a map and identify the Equator line. Look at which countries are in the Northern Hemisphere and which countries are in the Southern Hemisphere. Which Hemisphere are you in?
  2. Print the Season & Hemisphere Spinner Template onto thin card or paper.
  3. Colour in the template.
  4. Cut out the two circle templates.
  5. If you’ve printed out onto paper, glue the large circle template to a paper plate for stability.
  6. Put a paper fastener through the two circles so you can spin the smaller circle and identify what the season is in the opposite Hemisphere.  See steps in photos.


  • Use plasticine behind the paper fastener when pushing through the card.
  • Push the paper fastener through each circle separately before fastening together.

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