Winter Activities – Make a Winter Bird Feeder

Pine Cone Bird Feeder


Make a Winter Bird Feeder with pine cones and help the birds in your back garden prepare for the cold winter months.

The lard on the pine cone helps the birds put on fat for the very cold and lean months and helps them stay warm.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder



You will need:

  • Pine cone
  • Lard
  • String
  • Birdseed


How to make a Winter Bird Feeder…

See steps in photos…

  1. Gather some pine cones. If they’re not open, leave them somewhere dry until they open up.
  2. Cut a length of string or twine and tie it to the top of the pine cone securely.
  3. Cover the pine cone in lard – try and get it right into the cone.
  4. Roll the pine cone in bird seed.
  5. Hang the feeder out in your garden – make sure it’s high enough so the birds don’t get caught by a cat!



  • You can use peanut butter instead of lard and bird seed if this is easier for you to get.
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