Magnetic Fishing Craft

Magnetic FishingMagnetic Fishing is a fun game for parties and small groups of children and the rules can be changed to suit your circumstances and age range.

It’s also a craft so the game can be made as part of the activity by the kids involved.

Magnetic Fishing

Constant supervision will be needed if you play this with anything other than a bucket.

You will need:

  • Water (either in a wide bucket, a shallow pool, a bath or even a pond)
  • Dowel/bamboo stick or anything long which can act as a rod.
  • String
  • Coloured foam sheets
  • Paper fasteners
  • Strong magnet
  • Black waterproof marker pen
  • Scissors
  • Printer (optional) for Fish Template.

How to make it…

See steps in photos

  1. Draw (either freehand or using the fish template) fish on your foam sheets. You can have them all the same colour or use different colours. And you can make as many as you like.
  2. Cut out the fish shapes.
  3. Attach paper fasteners to all the fish shapes.
  4. Take your bamboo stick/dowel etc. and tie a length of string to the end.
  5. Tie the end of the fishing rod string to the magnet.
  6. Throw the fish in the water and you’re ready to fish. You can make your own games up or use some of our suggestions below.

Game suggestions…

  • Different colour fish can mean different numbers of points. Players can be scored individually or as teams.
  • If you have lots of bamboo/dowel and string/tape, place a bowl with fish in a good distance away from them and have the kids work in teams to build a rod which is long enough to reach the bowl. First team to retrieve all their fish is the winner.
  • Make different sea creatures instead of just fish. Each sea creature could mean a prize, points or forfeits. Write these on the back of the fish in a waterproof marker pen.
  • Nice and simple – whoever catches the most fish wins.
  • Mark just one fish as the winner on the back. Whoever catches it wins the prize.


  • The length of the string will depend on the height of the kids.
  • If you don’t have any magnets, you can unbend a paper clip and use this as a hook on the rod instead.
  • When you tie the magnet to the string, add a little glue and leave to dry to stop it coming undone.

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