Continent Game

Continent Game

Help kids learn about the 7 continents and get some active play happening at the same time.

Before you play this Continent Game, you should discuss the different continents and show where each of them are on a map. Let kids familiarise themselves with the countries in each continent and pick countries which your age range will generally be familiar with.

Our quick Continent Fact Sheet might be of use.

 You will need:

  • Outdoor space
  • 8 Markers (gym mats, cones or chairs)
  • At least 5 kids

How to play it…

  1. Place 7 of the markers a good distance from each other in a ring. You can decide on the distance.
  2. Place the 8th marker in the middle of the ring – this is the North Pole.
  3. Decide which continent each marker is. You can label them with a sign on each or just remember them.
  4. All the kids start at the middle marker (North Pole)
  5. The group leader shouts a country and the kids have to run to the continent they think that country is in. When all the kids have chosen their continent, the leader shouts the answer and all the kids return to the North Pole to start again.


  • Gym mats are good for this game as speed in getting to the mat can become quite competitive!
  • Leave a sheet of paper and a big pen at each station so kids can write down each country in that continent. You can put them up on a board or a wall afterwards.
  • Keep the game fast paced to prevent dithering and follow the leader mentality.
  • You can play this outside or in a hall.

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