Back Garden Camping


Setting up a tent in the garden is a sure way to keep kids entertained as it can incorporate loads of activities.

Check out some of our suggestions.



  • Set up a small tent in the back garden. This is a fun activity in itself and working out how to put up the tent can be a challenge.
  • If you don’t have a tent, create your own ‘den’ with chairs, boxes and blankets.
  • Fill the tent with homely things from your bedroom.
  • Sleep out for the night in a sleeping bag.
  • Bake some tasty treats to eat in your tent. Cookies and sausage rolls are always good!
  • Make a (supervised!) camp fire. Can you start a fire from scratch by rubbing sticks together?
  • Try cooking marshmallows over the camp fire and then putting the marshmallow on a cookie.
  • Tell ghost stories
  • Hold a torch under your chin to make scary faces.
  • Put on a shadow puppet show from inside your tent. Your audience can watch from outside!
  • Build a fortress around your tent with boxes and garden furniture and stop those adults from getting in! Make sure there’s a door – even if it’s just a blanket covering a gap and you have to crawl through the space.
  • Make a passage from your tent to the back door using opened out card board boxes. Crawl through the tunnel to get back to the house and vice versa.
  • Make some hot chocolate in a flask.
  • Take a portable radio out and have a tent party.
  • Play a game like pick up sticks or Jenga.


  • If your kids are staying out in the tent for the night, make sure they either have a key for the back door or the back door is left unlocked.

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