Apple Bobbing

Apple Bobbing


Apple bobbing has kept kids entertained for generations!

This is a great party game and outdoor fun. Plus it’s as cheap and healthy as you can get!


Apple Bobbing


You will need :

  • Plenty of apples
  • Bucket
  • Water

How to play it…

Of course the general aim of the game is to pick up apples out of the bucket without using your hands…But here are some variations:

  1. Time limits. Kids bob for apples one at a time but give the kids a certain length of time in which to get the apple – say 1 minute. Kids who manage it within that time move on to the next round where the time limit is shortened.
  2. Same as above but use blindfolds – makes it a lot harder! Spin them around first – even harder :) and gets a lot more giggles!
  3. Have one bucket per child with 3 apples in each. Then have a race to see who can get all their apples out of the bucket the fastest. This really helps if you have shy kids who may not want everyone watching them whilst they’re bobbing on their own.
  4. Have a relay of two or more teams. Each team member has a bucket each. The first kid bobs for their apple then has to put it in the next team mates bucket, the second team mate then bobs for the apple and puts it in the next bucket and so on until one team finishes.
  5. Similar to the relay above. Each team has one bucket shared between them. Team members are numbered 1 to however-many kids-there-are. There are the same number of apples in the bucket as there are kids. Kid #1 in each team bobs first. Once they’ve got an apple kid #2 goes and so on until one team finishes.
  6. If it’s a little cold outside, put a hole through the centre of each apple and hang them from a door frame with some string at child height. Same rules apply, grab the apple without using your hands.

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