Acorn Whistle

Acorn Whistle


Have fun with nature and make a loud noise with just an acorn cup.

This is one of the easiest ways I’ve found to make a loud whistle and it takes very little practise.

Just follow the instructions below or see the step by step photos.

Acorn Whistle

You will need :

  • Acorn cup
  • A little patience
How to do it…

  1. Find an acorn.
  2. Twist the cup off the end.
  3. Hold the acorn cup using both your thumbs and your forefingers resting behind.
  4. Hollow side facing up, mentally imagine a Capital ‘Y’ drawn on the acorn cup. At the top there is a small triangle, right? You must place both your thumbs over the acorn cup so that only the small triangle at the top is showing. To do this you will have to rotate your thumbs outwards a little and use the knuckles of your thumbs to form the ‘Y’ shape.
  5. Place your thumb knuckles between your lips and blow hard. You will probably have to jiggle your thumbs a bit to get the whistle right. If you hear nothing at all, you’ve probably got too bigger triangle showing at the top. Make it smaller and try again.  See steps in photos.


  • This is a great way to let people know where you are when playing in the woods.
  • This is definitely an outdoor activity, the whistle is very loud once you get the hang of it.

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