How to Make and Play Pick-Up-Sticks – Make your own Craft and Game Ideas

Make and play Pick-Up-Sticks with the family or as a gift for a friend.Pick-Up-Sticks

Pick-up-sticks is a really simple game which can be played by any age group and is great family fun!

Easy to make, pick-up-sticks can be made as a craft initially and then stored for future games.

2 – 6 players

You will need:

  • 12 kebab sticks
  • Scissors
  • Paint (yellow, red and blue – or choose your own) and paintbrush
  • Paper plate
  • Ribbon or string

How to make Pick-Up-Sticks…

The Rules…

1. Hold all the sticks together vertically and let them drop.

2. They should fall randomly and overlap each other (if they don’t, try again)

3. Take turns to try and pick up a stick without moving any of the other sticks in the process. The other players must watch closely to make sure they don’t move any other stick than the one they’re trying to pick up.

4. If the player successfully picks up a stick without moving another then they may have another go until they move more than one stick at a time.

5. The player keeps the sticks they successfully retrieve until the end when the points are counted up.

6. If a player already has a stick, they may use this to try and pick up another stick.

7. When all the sticks have been picked up, add up your points. Yellow sticks are worth 1 point each, blue sticks are worth 3 points and red sticks are worth 5 points. Highest points win.


  • Use real twigs which are dead and dry for an even better game!
  • If the sticks do not fall randomly, try again.


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