Memory Cards (Canada Theme)

Memory Game (Canada Theme)

Memory Cards can be played by up to four people and is a great indoor game.

Just print off the templates, cut out and play.

Memory Game (Canada Theme)




2 to 4 players

You will need:

How to make them…

See steps in photos

  1. Print the Memory Cards (Canada Theme) Templates. There are two sheets with a total of 30 cards.
  2. Stick the two print outs to some card or an old cereal box. Make sure you stick the templates to the coloured side of the card.
  3. Cut out the cards.

How to play it…

  1. Turn all the cards over and spread them out on a table or the floor.
  2. The first player turns over two cards.
  3. If they don’t match, the player turns the cards back over and the next player goes.
  4. If a player turns over two matching cards, they remove and keep those cards. They then get another go until they uncover two cards which do not match.
  5. Whoever has the most cards at the end of the game wins.


  • Make sure you stick the templates to the coloured side of the card, otherwise when you turn the cards over the cards will all look different and be identifiable from the pattern on their back.
  • Use glue all over the template, not just the edges. The cards will fall apart when you cut them otherwise.
  • There are 15 pairs of cards.
  • Try to remember where you saw cards which other players turned over.

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