How to Use Chopsticks

How to Use ChopsticksChopsticks are the cutlery of the East and we often come across them in Chinese and Thai restaurants. They can be fiddly but practise makes perfect!

Remember the key to using chopsticks is that the bottom chopstick remains still and the top chopstick does the moving and the gripping.

How to use Chopsticks

You will need :

  • A pair of chopsticks
  • Something to pick up.  Marshmallows are a good start.
How to do it…
  1. Holding your writing hand with the palm facing inwards, lay one of the chopsticks across your hand so that the thicker end rests in the joint between your thumb and forefinger and the slimmer end rests on top of the middle finger.
  2. Grip the chopstick with the base of your thumb. This is the bottom chopstick and it doesn’t move from this position.
  3. Place the second chopstick parallel above the first and hold it between your thumb and forefinger. Practise moving the second chopstick.
  4. Make sure the chopsticks are equal length to each other before trying to grip an item.

See steps in photos.


  • You might want to fiddle around with holding the chopsticks until they feel comfortable.
  • When you can pick up marshmallows, try something harder like a nut or even your dinner!
  • Try playing a chopstick related game which they play in China to practise.


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