Balancing Butterfly

Balancing Butterfly

Defy gravity and watch this butterfly hover on the very tip of your finger.

Balancing Butterfly





You will need:

How to make it…

See steps in photos

  • Print the Balancing Butterfly Template either in black and white or the colour version.
  • Colour in the butterfly if you printed the black and white version.
  • Cut out the butterfly carefully.
  • Turn the butterfly over and stick two pennies to the tips of the wings behind the two circles with some glue and leave to dry.
  • Balance the tip of the butterfly’s nose on the tip of your finger and see how it hovers there.


  • Flex the card to adjust the angle of the butterfly’s hover. Don’t bend it, just flex the wings upwards for higher elevation and down for lower elevation.
  • Can you get the butterfly to do a headstand? – you’ll have to flex the card to get it just right without it falling over forwards.

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