Halloween food ideas – Magic Potion Drink

Magic Potion Drink


Make a Magic Potion Drink for your friends and family this Halloween.

This is a great Halloween party drink and the spooky candy ice cubes are a nice touch as you get a candy/sweet at the end of your drink.

Magic Potion Drink


You will need:

  • Lemonade
  • Lime cordial
  • Spooky sweets/candies
  • Red and white grapes (eyeballs)


  • Ice cube tray

How to make a Magic Potion drink…

  1. Prepare your ice cubes by putting one spooky sweet/candy in each ice cube tray hole, filling it with water and freezing over night.
  2. Make your magic potion by pouring lemonade into a glass or jug and add lime cordial to make it green.
  3. Add a spooky ice cube, grapes and a straw before serving.

Tips for your drink…

  • As the ice cubes melt they gradually sink to the bottom of the glass or jug and just the sweet/candy remains revealing a spooky character!
  • The grapes will sink straight to the bottom and give an eerie eyeball effect.
  • Find spooky sweets at any supermarket or shop that’s selling Halloween products. They always have some sort of jelly sweets/candies which are shaped like skeletons, spiders and ghosts.
  • Don’t add so much lime cordial that the drink doesn’t taste nice!
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