Halloween Food Ideas – Gingerbread Ghosts

Halloween Ghosts are great party snacks and really easy to make.

Use your own Gingerbread recipe or try ours.

 Gingerbread Ghosts

You will need:

  • Gingerbread recipe (try our Gingerbread Men Recipe)
  • Water icing/frosting (icing/confectioners sugar and water)
  • Raisins or chocolate chips


  • Gingerbread woman cutter


How to make Gingerbread Ghosts…

  1. Make your Gingerbread Women and leave them to cool.
  2. Mix icing sugar and water together to make a fairly thick icing/frosting.
  3. Cover each Gingerbread Woman in icing.
  4. Finish off with two raisins/chocolate chips for eyes.



  • You can get Gingerbread Women cutters from most stores that sell the Gingerbread Men cutters!
  • If your icing is too thin it will run off the cookie.


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