Fun Facts – China National Day

China National Day

  • Is celebrated from the 1st October each year for 3 days.
  • It celebrates the founding of the Chinese Republic in 1949 after a civil war with the previous government.
  • Chinese people do not have to work for 3 days to celebrate National Day.
  • By combining National Day holiday with weekends either side the Chinese have a full week off work and call this ‘Golden Week’ – They go on holiday and visit tourist attractions and resorts.
  • The Chinese celebrate with fireworks and concerts organized by the government.

Did you know…

  • There are two Chinas! The larger China is officially the ‘People’s Republic of China’. The smaller China (Republic of China), better known as Taiwan, is ruled by the government who lost the civil war in 1949 and has a different flag.
  • China has a Communist Government who have been in place for over 60 years since the civil war.
  • The Chinese are only allowed to have one baby per couple. This is because the country has too many people so the government is controlling the birthrate to stop the population from getting even bigger.
  • China has the biggest population of people in the world today – a fifth of the world’s population lives in China. Consequently their language ‘Mandarin’ is the most spoken in the world.
  • Chinese is a language with a different alphabet from us. It looks like lots of small pictures (hieroglyphics).
  • Paper originated in China. So did gunpowder.
  • China is the home of the Great Wall of China which was built to keep out invaders. The Chinese began building the wall over 2,500 years ago and today it is about 4,000 miles long. It’s so big it can be seen from space!
  • Chinese food has been exported all around the world and adapted to suit western tastes.
  • China has lot of endangered and unusual wildlife, like giant pandas, leopards, tigers, porcupines and crocodiles.
  • Some Chinese fishermen have trained birds called Cormorants which catch fish for them.

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