Fun Facts – Canadian Thanksgiving

About Canadian Thanksgiving…

  • It is celebrated in Canada on the 2nd Monday of October every year.
  • Thanksgiving is a time when Canadians give thanks for the good things in their life and celebrate with food and drink.
  • It is much like the American Thanksgiving but is not considered as big a holiday in Canada.
  • Canadians have a 3 day weekend public holiday and families tend to spend time together to celebrate.
  • Canadian Thanksgiving only started being celebrated every year in 1879 and used to be held on a Thursday in November much like the USA
  • Thanksgiving has been celebrated on the current date in Canada since 1957. Before this Thanksgiving was celebrated sporadically on different days, for different reasons – the common denominator is that the people are thankful but here are some of the reasons why it has been celebrated in the past:
    1. European settlers traditionally celebrated the successful harvest and brought this tradition with them to Canada.
    2. In the 1500s, a British explorer named Martin Frobisher was searching for a northern route to the Pacific Ocean through Canada and held a thanksgiving for his safe return.
    3. After successful liberation in the USA from British rule, many people who were loyal to Britain moved to Canada and took the American Thanksgiving traditions with them.
    4. French settlers held thanksgiving feasts to celebrate their safe passage to Canada.
    5. In 1816, Canada’s thanksgiving celebrated the end of war between Britain and France.
    6. In 1872 Canadian Thanksgiving celebrated the Prince of Wales recovering from a serious illness.

Did you know…

  • Canada is the world’s 2nd largest country in Sq Miles (1st – Russia, 3rd – China, 4th – United States, 5th – Brazil, 6th – Australia)
  • Canada is a bi-lingual country with both English and French spoken as official languages. This comes from when both the British and the French settled in Canada starting in the 1500s. The British and French used to fight a lot but in the end Canada is made up of both countries languages and customs.
  • Almost 1/3 of all Europeans who emigrated to Canada before 1891 died of infectious diseases.
  • Canada is a very beautiful country with lots of wildlife, forests and rivers.
  • The leaf on the national flag is a Maple Leaf.
  • Ice Hockey is one of the most popular sports in Canada.
  • Canada can be very cold, especially in the winter and in the North of the country. A temperature of -77.5°C (-107.5°F) was once recorded! But usually temperatures only go down to -40°C – That’s still very cold.
  • Montreal in Canada has an underground city. This is so it can be used all year round even when the weather is bad.
  • Ottawa is the capital city of Canada but each province also has it’s own capital. There are 10 provinces in Canada.


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