Fun Facts – Brazil Independence Day

Brazil Independence Day

  • Is celebrated on the 7th September every year.
  • It is treated as a National Holiday and most Brazilians do not have to work on Independence Day.
  • Brazil declared independence from Portugal in 1822.  However the son of the King of Portugal declared himself emperor of Brazil at this time – so it wasn’t really independence like other countries in South America. More like a splitting of the Portuguese empire.
  • Brazil’s independence day is celebrated around the world in many other major cities from New York to London with concerts and celebrations being held in the city centers.

Did you know…

  • Brazil is the largest country in South America (and the fifth largest in the world).  The largest country in the world is Russia, then Canada, USA and then China (based on sq km not population).
  • Brazilian people speak Portuguese. They are the only Portuguese speaking country in South America.
  • Brazil is a republic. This means it has a government which is elected by the people who live in Brazil.
  • Brasilia is the capital city of Brazil not Rio De Janeiro like many people think. Rio De Janeiro used to be the capital city until 1960. They changed the capital to try and encourage more people to populate the inland territory.
  • Brazilians love to dance and have parties in the streets – the most famous being Carnival in February which is a celebration before Lent..
  • Brazilians have a lot of bright colours in their culture.
  • Brazil is home to the famous soccer player, Pelé, who is widely regarded as the best footballer of all time and is treated as a national hero.
  • Brazil has both very rich and very poor people. The very poor people often live in ‘Fuvelas’ or ‘Shanty Towns’ in the major cities. These are very small and not very well built houses which are built very close together because there are too many people who need houses in one area. The most famous fuvelas are those in Rio De Janeiro since all the Fuvelas can be seen on the hillside surrounding the city. The Fuvelas can be very dangerous places to live.

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