Pasta Bead Jewellery

Pasta BraceletThis colourful pasta jewellery will brighten up any outfit!

Make pretty necklaces, bracelets and anklets with just pasta, paint and coloured wool.  

This is a really cheap and easy activity for kids that they can show off straight away.

Pasta Beads

You will need:

  • Dried pasta which can be threaded (we used Rigatoni and Penne)
  • Paint and paintbrush
  • Coloured wool
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
  1. Paint a handful of pasta in different colours and leave to dry. We used primary colours but you can use whatever colours you like.
  2. Cut 3 lengths of wool, which when looped are long enough to slip over either a kids head, hand or foot depending on what type of jewellery you’re making.  3 lengths of wool will stop the pasta beads slipping as much.
  3. Wrap some tape around one end of the wool lengths. This will make threading much easier.
  4. Once the pasta is dry, get the kids to lay out the pasta beads in the order they would like them on the necklace/bracelet. Once they’re happy, it’s time to thread.
  5. Thread each pasta bead onto the wool using the taped end and taking care that they don’t fall off the other end!
  6. When all the pasta beads have been threaded, remove the tape and join both ends together with a double knot.  See steps in photos


  • For some extra sparkle, sprinkle some glitter on your pasta beads whilst the paint is still wet.
  • When leaving the beads to dry, don’t leave them on newspaper like we did :/- leave them on a plastic lid or anything else which won’t stick to the paint!
  • Because this jewellery is so easy and cheap to make, you can have lots of different coloured versions to go with different dress up outfits.
  • Boys may not find this activity quite as appealing as the girls. If you have boys who don’t fancy making jewellery, tie big knots in each end to secure the beads and tie around the head for a headband – or if that doesn’t wash, have them make snakes, they’ll still enjoy the threading!
  • Alternatively, use a chenille instead of wool for a bracelet or anklet. You can twist these on or off the wrist/ankle.

Print me – A4 or US Letter 

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