Fancy Dress Craft- Make a real shooting Elastic Band Gun

Elastic Band Gun

Make your own shooting gun with elastic band ammo and toilet paper tubes!

Really easy to make and these bands shoot accurately and pretty far!

A great addition to a Cowboy fancy dress outfit.



Elastic Band Gun

You will need:

  • 1 toilet roll tube
  • 1 kitchen roll tube
  • Black paint and paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Elastic bands

How to make an Elastic Band Gun…

See steps in photos…

  1. Paint both tubes with black paint inside and out and leave to dry.
  2. Take the toilet roll tube (the shorter tube) and cut straight up the middle with scissors.
  3. Roll the tube tighter and secure with sticky tape.
  4. About 5cm/2 inches up the longer, kitchen roll tube, cut a 2cm wide line (you will squeeze the tube together with the scissors to accomplish this.
  5. Push the scissors in the slit and cut into a cross.
  6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 and cut a cross directly opposite the first cross on the other side of the tube.
  7. Push the rolled up tube through the two holes until only 1cm of the small tube is visible at the top.
  8. Secure with sticky tape around the bottom where the cross has been pushed outwards.
  9. Cut two small triangle snips into the front of the larger kitchen roll tube.
  10. To shoot, attach an elastic band into the two triangle snips at the front and stretch the band back to your shooting finger.
  11. Hook the band around your shooting finger. When you’re ready, let the band slip off your finger and it will shoot off.


  • When rolling the tube tighter, this is not difficult but requires a firm grip so may need some adult help here.
  • Add another toilet roll tube, rolled up tight, to the top of the gun for a sight.


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