Dove Tail Fancy Dress

Dove Tail

Make this fancy dress Dove Tail in minutes with just a white bin liner and some scissors.

Combine with other fancy dress ideas like Dove Wings and Bird Cap to complete a fancy dress bird outfit.

Dove Tail




You will need:

  • White bin liners
  • Scissors

How to make a Dove Tail…

See steps in photos

  1. Take a white bin liner and unfold it.
  2. From the open end, cut 1 inch strips all the way up the liner, leaving about 6 inches at the top.
  3. Tuck the triangle into the back of trousers, shorts or a skirt.

Dove Tail Tips…

  • You can tack the liner to trousers, shorts or skirt with a needle and thread for better hold.
  • Make a bigger tail with more tassels by repeating the process with more bin liners and attaching them on top of the first with sticky tape.
  • Combine with Dove Wings and Bird Hat for the full outfit.

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