Halloween Fancy Dress – make a Candy Cauldron

Candy Cauldron


Collect your trick-or-treat candy in your very own Candy Cauldron.

This is both a papier mache craft and a Halloween fancy dress idea which is useful – especially if you’re dressing up as a witch this Halloween!

Candy Cauldron



You will need:

  • Balloon
  • Papier Mache (flour, water and newspaper)
  • Scissors
  • Sharp pencil and plasticine
  • String
  • Black card
  • Glue
  • Black paint and paintbrush


How to make a Candy Cauldron…

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  1. Cover your balloon with 1 or 2 layers of papier mache– you do not need to papier mache the whole balloon, just the large, round, bulbous bit. If you need tips on how to papier mache, go to How to Papier Mache.
  2. Once the 1st or 2nd layer is dry, pop the balloon and trim the top of the cast so it is straight and is shaped like a cauldron .
  3. Paint the cauldron in black, inside and out, and leave it to dry upside down.
  4. Glue a square or circle of black card to the bottom of the cauldron and leave until dry. Once dry this will allow the cauldron to stand up straight.
  5. Push a sharp pencil through each side of the cauldron, using the plasticine to cushion the pencil from the other side, and thread string through the holes. Tie knots to secure before taking out for trick-or-treating!


Tips for making a Candy Cauldron…

  • Papier mache will take a few days as it takes at least 12 hours for each layer to dry so remember to start this craft ahead of time.
  • You may need more than one layer of paint depending on how thin your paint is.
  • Line the cauldron with a plastic bag before putting candies in if they’re not wrapped.


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