Fancy Dress – Make a Camouflage Headband

Camouflage HeadbandDress up as a Rambo-style action hero with this Camouflage Head Band.

You can also use this as a part of a soldier fancy dress outfit too.

Camouflage Headband




You will need:

  • White material
  • Paint
  • Water
  • Scissors

How to make a Camouflage Headband…

See steps in photos…

  1. Cut a strip of white material long enough to tie around your head.
  2. Squeeze camouflage coloured paint into a tray (green, yellow and grey).
  3. Using plenty of water, dilute the paint and paint patches of different colours all over the white material.
  4. Leave to dry.
  5. Once dry, tie the material around your head.


  • Keep the patches of colour random.
  • Make sure you use lots of water.


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