Sun, Moon & Star Mobile Craft

Sun, Moon & Stars Mobile
This is an ideal activity for pre-schoolers and very young primary. You can draw your own templates and change the theme.
Sun, Moon & Stars Mobile





You will need:

  • Kitchen roll tube.
  • Printer and Part 1 & Part 2 Mobile Templates
  • String
  • Paint or coloured paper to cover the kitchen roll (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Stick glue
  • Hole punch

How to make it…

See steps in photos

  1. Print out both Part 1 and Part 2 of the Sun, Moon and Stars Mobile template. – You can choose the colour or black and white version.
  2. Cut out each of the templates.
  3. Put the templates in their pairs.
  4. Use your glue stick to stick the template pairs together.
  5. Use a hole punch to put a hole in each of the templates.
  6. Take a kitchen roll tube. You can leave it plain or paint it or cover it in coloured paper.
  7. Cut six lengths of string, no longer than 50cm each.
  8. Tie the end of each piece of string to a template.
  9. Tie the other ends of the string to the kitchen roll tube. Try to tie the strings at different lengths and cut off any excess string.
  10. Cut a long length of string and thread it through the kitchen roll tube and tie in a knot at the top. You can use this to hang up your mobile.


  • Even if you use the ready coloured templates, you could decorate them with glitter, sequins or crepe paper.
  • Small children may struggle with knots, cutting or gluing – adult assistance may be needed.
  • You can draw your own templates to hang from the mobile if your want.

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