Paper Plate Craft – Pumpkin Mask

Pumpkin Mask


Dress up as a Pumpkin this Halloween with an easy to make Pumpkin Mask.

Pumpkin Mask





You will need:

  • Paper Plate
  • Scissors
  • Red, yellow and black paint.
  • Green crepe paper or tissue
  • Glue
  • Pencil and plasticine
  • String


How to make a Pumpkin Mask…

See steps in photos

  1. Cut two eye holes in the paper plate. Make sure you can see through them.
  2. Mix some red and yellow paint and paint the paper plate orange. Leave to dry.
  3. Paint black triangles around the eye holes and as a nose. Also paint a crooked mouth and leave to dry.
  4. Stick a piece of crepe paper to the top of the plate as a stalk.
  5. If you like, use a black pen to draw segments down the plate to make it look more pumpkin like.
  6. Pierce holes either side of the plate using a sharp pencil and plasticine to cushion from the other side.
  7. Thread string through each hole and tie so the mask stays on your face.


Tips for making a Pumpkin Mask…

  • You could use orange crepe paper and glue instead of orange paint.
  • You can use a black pen if you don’t want to wait for black paint to dry.


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