How to Make Pom-Poms Craft



Pom-Poms take a little bit of time to make but they look so good and professional at the end it really is worth it!

Make pom-poms for fancy dress outfits or crafts.




You will need:

How to make a Pom-Pom…

See steps in photos

  1. Print out the Pom-Pom Disc Template.
  2. Paste the two discs onto some corrugated card and cut them out, including the inner blue circle.
  3. Cut a length of wool which is manageable – perhaps 2m long.
  4. Place the two discs together and thread the end of the wool up through the hole so the end meets with the outside edge of the disc.
  5. Thread the wool around the cardboard discs, through the hole and around until the wool runs out (make sure the end is going outwards not inwards, like at the beginning)
  6. Cut another length of wool and repeat the process until the entire cardboard ring is thoroughly covered.
  7. Once the entire ring is well covered in wool, snip the wool apart as though you were trying to snip between the two discs, all the way around.
  8. Pull the discs apart slightly.
  9. Tie another piece of string securely in between the two discs to hold all the wool strands together.
  10. Remove both the discs.
  11. Fluff out to make the pom-pom and snip any stray long ends.


  • Try making a Pom-Pom Thankgiving Turkey
  • You may need adult help and a Stanley knife to cut out the hole in the disc.
  • The threading of the wool will take a little while.
  • If you cannot pull the discs off, carefully cut them off using scissors.
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