Pinwheel (with no Pin!) Craft



Make an effective pinwheel without the pin!

These pinwheels are great fun to play with or, if it’s a windy day, hold one outside and watch it spin!

Super easy and fun.



You will need :

  • 12 x 12cm Thin Card/Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Sticky Tape
  • Bendy Straw
  • Plasticine
How to make it…
  1. Fold your square of card in half at the corners both ways and unfold.
  2. Cut slits from the corners ¾ of the way in towards the middle.
  3. At each of the four corners, punch a hole in the left point only so you have four holes.
  4. Punch a hole in the centre of the square.
  5. Take a bendy straw and bend it to a right angle.
  6. Slot the piece of card over the short end of the straw.
  7. Pull one point to the centre of the card and thread the hole over the straw. Tape down.
  8. Repeat until all four points are joined in the centre.
  9. Remove the straw and widen the holes with a pencil so the wheel will spin easily.
  10. Replace the wheel on the straw and stop it from falling off the end with a piece of plasticine.   See steps in photos.


  • You might need to use a pencil and plasticine to put a hole in the centre if your hole punch won’t reach far enough.
  • For a sturdier pin wheel, use staples instead of tape when fastening the four corners to the centre
  • Cover the tape or staples by cutting a small circle from coloured paper, punching a hole in the centre and gluing it to the centre of the wheel.
  • Make multicoloured pin wheels by using two sheets of construction paper in different colours.

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