Moose Sock Puppet Craft

Moose Sock Puppet

Make your own Moose Sock Puppet with a few bits around the house and an old sock.

Moose live in Northern USA and Canada and have huge antlers for fighting.

Moose Sock Puppet



You will need:

  • An old sock
  • 2 big buttons and 2 small buttons
  • 2 chenilles (pipe cleaners)
  • Glue

How to make it…

See steps in photos

  1. Place the sock over your hand with the heel facing the upwards.
  2. Stick eyes on the sides of the sock where your knuckles are.
  3. Stick two nostrils on in between your second and third knuckles at the front of the sock.
  4. Take the sock off your hand and snip two small holes in the sock about an inch behind the eyes.
  5. Thread two chenilles through the holes in the sock.
  6. Bend the chenilles around to look like antlers before putting the sock back on as a Moose Puppet.


  • When you put the sock on, bend your fingers downwards and keep them curved so the sock looks like the big, curved nose of a Moose.
  • Use your thumb as the bottom of the mouth.

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