Mini Shoebox Forest Craft

Mini Shoebox Forest

Make a Mini Shoebox Forest with just a few craft products and an old shoebox.

This craft can take a little time and is better suited to the upper primary school age group.

Mini Shoebox Forest


You will need:

  • A shoebox
  • Sharp pencil and plasticine
  • Coloured crepe paper (brown, green and blue and black)
  • Stick glue
  • Green chenilles (at least 5)
  • Sticky tape
  • Cotton
  • Foil

How to make it…

See steps in photos

  1. Tip the shoebox on its side
  2. Cover the inside of the shoebox in crepe paper. We used blue for the sky at the back, brown for the ground and green for the sides. We also cut out some mountain shapes in dark green for a background.
  3. Cut the chenilles in half.
  4. Fold each chenille piece into zigzag trees. Start with bending a small zigzag and make the zigzags bigger as you go down. When you get near the end of the chenille bend the tip down to make a truck. Unbend the zigzag slightly.
  5. Cut a shape out of kitchen foil for a lake and glue to the bottom of the shoebox wherever you’d like it to go.
  6. Decide where you would like your trees to go. Put a piece of plasticine underneath the box and pierce a hole with a sharp pencil wherever you would like a tree. Remember not to make more holes than you have trees!
  7. Turn the box over and pierce two holes in the top of the box at either side.
  8. Put another hole in each of the green covered sides. In the middle is fine. These holes are where your cotton will thread through from the holes in the top to suspend the birds.
  9. Starting from the back, put your trees through the holes. Bend the chenille end from underneath the box. Secure with some sticky tape.
  10. Cut two lengths of cotton. Thread each piece of cotton through one of the top holes and then through the hole in the side on the opposite end of the box. Secure the ends of the cotton on the outside with sticky tape and cut off any excess.
  11. Make birds by twisting small lengths of black crepe paper.
  12. Attach the birds to the cotton by tying the crepe paper twist around the cotton in a knot and trimming the excess ends with scissors.


  • Use stick glue if you have it as wet glue will show through the crepe paper even when it’s dry.
  • Use the shoebox as a template to cut out the crepe paper to the correct size.
  • Make the lake sparkle by adding some glitter.
  • When securing the cotton, make sure it hangs a little but not too much.
  • If you want, cover the outside of the box too.
  • If your crepe paper is tearing when you try to tie the birds into a knot on the cotton, you need to use more crepe paper and make the twist thicker. If it still breaks, try twisting the crepe paper in a different direction (you’ll notice you can tear crepe paper very easily one way and it’s difficult to tear the other way)

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