Glitter Fireworks Craft

Glitter Fireworks

Kids!  Make sparkling Glitter Fireworks with this easy craft.  Glitter on a black background looks really effective!

Originally invented in China, fireworks are used for celebrations all over the world today.

Glitter Fireworks

You will need :

  • Black card
  • White pencil (optional)
  • Glue and glue spreader or glue pen
  • Glitter
How to make it…
  1. Draw your fireworks on the black card with a white pencil. You can use a normal pencil, but a white a pencil shows up better.
  2. Using a glue spreader or glue pen, carefully dab glue over the lines you have drawn. Nb. if you’re using different coloured glitters, only dab glue on the lines you want in that colour.
  3. Tip glitter over the glue.
  4. Pick up the card and tap off the excess glitter onto newspaper.
  5. Fold the newspaper so it forms a shoot and pour the excess glitter back into the pot.
  6. Repeat until all your fireworks sparkle with glitter!



  • Try drawing different types of fireworks. Swirly ones and fountain ones.
  • If you use different coloured glitters, start from the middle of the page so you mix the colours less when you tap off the excess.
  • Don’t draw very small fireworks as it’s difficult to put the glue on accurately.

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