Flying Bird Craft

Flying Bird

Make this Flying Bird with paper and a pencil. You can draw your own bird if you like or use the template.

Flying Bird




You will need:

How to make a Flying Bird…

See steps in photos

  1. Print out the Flying Bird template or draw your own on a plain piece of paper.
  2. Colour in the bird.
  3. Cut the bird shape out.
  4. Fold the bird shape in half lengthways (coloured side on the outside)
  5. Fold the wings upwards.
  6. Turn the bird upside down and colour in the wings on the other side.
  7. Place a pencil in the middle of the bird in the crease and hold in place by holding the tail around it firmly.
  8. Flap the pencil up and down to watch the bird fly. See ‘tips’ if the wings do not move enough.

Flying Bird Tips…

  • If you are drawing your own bird you need to make it as symmetrical as possible. The best way to do this is to fold a piece of paper in half and draw half the bird along the crease. Cut and fold out.
  • We made a dove which is white. Maybe you want to make a different bird like a parrot with lots of bright colours, an eagle in brown or a flamingo in pink!
  • You can draw patterns on the bird if you want. It doesn’t have to be realistic.
  • To make the wings more ‘flappy’, make the wing crease sharper by running your finger nail over it and then fold the other way and press along the crease in the same manner. Repeat a couple of times and the crease should become floppier.

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