Bonfire Night Craft – Make a Firework Badge

Firework BadgeThese Firework Badges are great to make as Bonfire Night activities and they also aid recycling as they use an old jar lid!

Firework Badge




You will need:

  • Jar lid
  • Safety Pin
  • Black paper/card
  • Glue
  • Sequins/glitter
  • Sticky Tape


How to make a Fireworks Badge…

See steps in photos

  1. Make sure the lid of your jar is clean and dry. Use it as a template to draw around on the black paper or card.
  2. Cut out the circle you have drawn but cut a little smaller than the pencil outline. Check it fits inside the jar lid.
  3. Glue sequins or glitter onto the paper circle in the shape of a firework and leave to dry.
  4. Turn the badge over and attach a safety pin to the back using some sticky tape.


  • Make sure you put the circle of paper or card into the jar lid before you decorate it to make sure it’s the right size.
  • Practise your design before you stick the sequins down.
  • If you’re using glitter, take the paper out of the lid before you use the glitter or it will be difficult to shake off the excess.


Print me A4 or US Letter

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