Donkey Puppet Craft

Donkey PuppetMake this movable donkey puppet with card and lolly sticks and have your kids make a craft they can play with afterwards.

Great for large groups of kids in an indoor environment.


Donkey Puppet



You will need :

  • White card
  • Printer and Donkey Puppet template
  • 3 Paper fasteners
  • Colouring pens, pencils or crayons
  • Felt (optional)
  • 2 lolly sticks
  • Scissors
  • PVA Glue
How to make it…
  1. Print the Donkey Puppet template onto a piece of card.
  2. Colour in the donkey pieces
  3. Cut out the donkey pieces
  4. If you want, cut a square of felt and stick it to the donkey’s back as a rug.
  5. Using the crosses as guides, attach the donkey pieces together using paper fasteners.
  6. Attach the lolly sticks to the back of the donkey with glue. These are the handles, attach one to the tummy and one to the head.
  7. Leave to dry before playing.    See steps in photos.


  • Put a piece of plasticine behind the paper fastener when pushing it through the card. It’s easier and safer.
  • Make the legs wiggly by wiggling the paper fasteners in their holes and making the holes bigger and then folding the backs of the fasteners over the top of a lolly stick so there is some space between the card and the fastener.
  • To make the donkey look like it’s running, hold the head lolly stick loosely in one hand and move the tummy lolly stick from side to side. The legs should wiggle and the head move up and down.
Print me – A4 or US Letter

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