Chinese Lanterns Craft

Chinese Lantern

Traditionally Chinese Lanterns have tea lights or small candles in them but these are the flame-free versions!

These lanterns are so easy to make and you can use them to decorate any event if you hang them with string or ribbon.


Chinese Lanterns



You will need :

  • Coloured card or paper
  • Scissors
  • Sticky Tape
How to make it…
  1. With your card placed in landscape position, cut a strip about 2cm wide off the end and set aside.
  2. Fold the remainder of the card in half from top to bottom.
  3. Snip cuts 1-2cm apart along the folded side of the card. The cuts shouldn’t go any further than halfway up the card.
  4. Unfold the card.
  5. Bend one end of the card to meet the other and secure with sticky tape.
  6. Attach the strip of card to the top of the lantern with sticky tape.
  7. Snip more cuts into the bottom of the lantern and fan out.


  • You can decorate your lantern with coloured pens before taping it together. You could draw patterns or Chinese symbols.
  • Make the cuts more prominent by gently pressing down the lantern once you’ve taped it together.
  • Use different sized card for different sized lanterns.
  • Try snipping different shapes into the card like triangles or wiggly lines.
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