Card Feathers Craft

Card featherFeathers are a great decoration for dress up outfits and art and craft, but coloured feathers can be expensive to buy, especially if you have lots of kids to work with or lots of feathers to use.

Make your own feathers with coloured card instead…


Card feathers

You will need :

  • Coloured card
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

  1. Cut a strip of card from the end of a sheet about 6cm wide and fold in half.
  2. Draw half a feather shape along the crease. Remember to include the stalk.
  3. Cut out the feather shape.
  4. Snip horizontal lines along the cut edge of the feather about two thirds in, all the way down until the stalk.
  5. Unfold the feather and use for your crafts.  See steps in photos.


  • For best results, use different coloured cards instead the same colour for all the feathers.
  • Try making a Brazilian Headdress with your feathers.

Print me – A4 or US Letter

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