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BucketThe Activity Bucket Team

Frankly, we are just a bunch of big kids who still like playing with paste and glitter glue…!

We are brand new!  We started Activity Bucket.com at the end of August 2011 and we’re still finding our feet but we love kids, we love active play and we LOVE anything which involves papier maché :)

We keep all our activities as simple and with as few steps and ingredients/products as possible.  Plus we try ALL of them – if they don’t work, they don’t go on Activity Bucket.com.

We aim to get at least 10 new activities up each week.  These are always related (sometimes very loosely!) to the ‘event of the week’ whether that be Thanksgiving in the USA, Guy Fawkes night in the UK or the Moon Festival in Thailand.

We also try to give you a balance of activities so whatever your circumstances you can find an activity which is fun, creative and at least a little educational for your kids.

Our ideas are all aimed at kids of primary school age – (ages 4-11).  Some activities are better suited to the younger end of the scale and some better suited to the older end.  We’ve refrained from giving exact age ranges since ability can vary so considerably.

All our activities are left up on the website forever so you can browse by type of activity whenever you want.

We hope you enjoy our site as much we do.

Much love,

Activity Bucket Team





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